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Amy Tyre

Master Life Coach, Master Yoga Teacher, AKA The Digestion Coach

Session Title: Unraveling the Gut Mystery – Understanding What Impacts Your Gut and What You Can Do About It

Bio: For over 30 years I suffered from unexplained bouts of cramping and bloating.  After my second child was born what I later came to understand as irritable bowel syndrome progressed into Ulcerative Colitis that also went undiagnosed for years.  I lived in a constant state of fear. Fear that I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom on time. Fear that I was dying bleeding from the inside. And the fear of what would happen to me if it got any worse.

When I didn’t get the relief I was seeking from traditional medicine, I turned to alternative medicine. I felt like I tried everything and while some modalities provided temporary relief, nothing was lasting. After years of searching, studying, researching, and a willingness to try just about anything I found a path to healing in non-medical ways. I have been free of the symptoms of IBS and UC for over 10 years.

Following, what one of my teachers Martha Beck calls, the path of fascination, I amassed a body of knowledge when shared empowers others to take control of their body and life. Understanding that our guts are as individual as we are and that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, I’ve created a process to help others get relief from gut issues that are controlling their lives. Combining the wisdom of the ancient yogic tradition and modern-day science with tools, techniques, and practices used as a master yoga teacher and a master life coach, I guide others to heal their own painful gut issues in non-medical ways. I will share more about my healing journey and how you can start on your own.

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