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Danielle Kalmbach

Owner/Founder – Jolt PEMF Lab

Session Title: Your Body Electric: It’s time to RAISE YOUR VOLTAGE! An introduction to healing and removing inflammation with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Energy (PEMF)–Teslas Medicine

Bio: Danielle is the founder of Jolt PEMF Lab; specializing in bio-magnetism and the field of energy medicine utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) frequencies for longevity and therapeutic healing. Her mission is to join a movement to change the world, and together we will build a new future for medicine, one person at a time.

Her background in science and holistic health led her to PEMF several years ago. She was looking for natural and regenerative therapies to aid in healing a back injury from a roll over accident in her early 20’s and had been unsuccessful in achieving any long term results. Pulse PEMF was life changing.

Danielle has dedicated her research to the study of frequency and energy medicine. Her passion is maximizing the scientific benefits of PEMF and our energetic field to achieve optimal health through PEMF frequencies. Her specialty is to harnesses the power of specific frequencies to synchronize and influence brainwaves, without affecting neural activity.

She is advanced certified with Pulse PEMF therapy, and is an active member of the Pulse PEMF advisory board and a member of the Association of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Professionals.

She is a certified Exponential Health Coach – certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), certified in functional nutrition and quantum healing.

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