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Danielle Nicole

Founder of Modern Reiki + Co-Founder of The Portal AZ

Session Title: Creating Space: Unveiling the 3-part Framework for Navigating Choices With a Powerful Presence

The Floor Session: Reiki-Infused Meditation @ The Floor

Bio: Danielle is a Reiki Master and the founder of Modern Reiki, a transformational Reiki certification program for today’s mystic.

She is a meditation guide, devout student to the study of our energetic field, astrology nerd, and a believer that laughter and levity will save us all.

All of these modalities, plus her background in management and leadership from a decade plus in the corporate world, influence her work now which includes cultivating life-changing healing experiences through one-on-one sessions, workshops, retreats, and her Reiki certification program.

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