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Kelli Lane Redfield

Program Director – Windsong Foundation, MA Clinical Psychology

Session Title: The Power of Story – Creating the Life Story You Have Always Wanted

Samantha Harper

The Sound Vault & The Portal AZ

Session Title: The Science of Sound Healing, Vibration, and Frequency

The Floor Session: Sound Healing Group Session @ The Floor

Jennifer Collins, ANP-G

Owner & Nurse Practitioner – You’re Beautiful Aesthetics

Session Title: The Magic of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement – For mood, anxiety, depression, brian fog, low libido, weight gain, decreased muscle mass, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and night sweats


Naturopathic Doctor – NMD Wellness of Scottsdale

Session Title: A Holistic Approach to IVF Preparation – How to use the best of both conventional and naturopathic medicine to help you increase your success with IVF

Dr. V Boykin

Leadership Onboarding – HubSpot

Session Title: Relax: 5 Ways to Reduce Stress While Elevating Your Personal & Professional Growth

Colter Smith

Breathwork Guide and Sacred Experiences Facilitator – Colter Smith Wellness Events

The Floor Session: Breath of Life Activation – A Sound and Breathwork Healing Experience

Heather Wen, Ret-NP, CCHP

Total Body Modification, Clinical Hypnosis, & Metaphysical/Spiritual Practitioner. Retired Nurse & Nationally Certified Nurse Practitioner – Arizona Healing Alternatives, LLC

Session Title: Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing – What is it & what can it do for you?

Liz Lees, RD

Registered Dietitian – Root Cause Nutrition, LLC

Session Title: Optimizing Gut Health for Mental Health and General Wellness

Danielle Nicole

Founder of Modern Reiki + Co-Founder of The Portal AZ

Session Title: Creating Space: Unveiling the 3-part Framework for Navigating Choices With a Powerful Presence

The Floor Session: Reiki-Infused Meditation @ The Floor

Courtney Fae Long

Creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality, Author, Speaker, and Masters Level Social Worker

Session Title: Light Your Sexual Fire to Glow with Joy, Confidence, and Abundance

Tina Escoto

Psychic Medium Trance Healer – Tina Escoto Mystic Horse Journeys

Session Title: Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet – My Journey From Corporate to the Spiritual World

Jason Zelich

One Tribe Yoga & Wellness

The Floor Session: Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Breathing + Movement + Music @ The Floor

Jen Spencer

CEO – SmartBug Media

Session Title: Empowering Your Dreams – Embracing change and finding your true career path

Shawn Bradford, MS Health Promotion

Founder – Breathe and Work

Session Title: Your Brain on Meditation: 5 Simple Steps to Scientific Benefits in Your Daily Life

The Floor Session: Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation @ The Floor

Bekah Tinter

Health & Business Coach, CEO & Co-Founder – Bek & Kev

Session Title: The 5 Key Steps to making a massive impact on your health, finances, relationships & beyond

Intensive Breakout Session: Optimize Your Weight & Health: Go From Stuck to Thriving!

Michelle Clare

Certified Medium, Spiritual Coach

Session Title: How 3 Near Death Experiences Changed My Perspective On Life

Dr. Drew Anthony, D.C., FNP-C

President – KickStart Primary Care

Session Title: Catching Z’s: Obtaining Better Sleep

Session Title: New Medical Breakthrough: What Are My Options to Treat Osteoarthritis and Joint Problems

Dr. Jennifer Burns NMD

Naturopathic Doctor, Life Coach, Reiki Master – Burns Integrative Wellness Center

Session Title: How Our Spirit Energy Can Manifest as Medical Issues

Dr Emily Splichal

Functional Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist, CEO of Naboso

Session Title: Brain, Breath, Barefoot and Their Role in Movement Longevity

Dr Brook Choulet, M.D.

Concierge Performance Psychiatrist

Session Title: 5 Signs That You May Have Anxiety & What To Do About It

Danielle Kalmbach

Owner/Founder – Jolt PEMF Lab

Session Title: Your Body Electric: It’s time to RAISE YOUR VOLTAGE! An introduction to healing and removing inflammation with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Energy (PEMF)–Teslas Medicine

Amy Tyre

Master Life Coach, Master Yoga Teacher, AKA The Digestion Coach

Session Title: Unraveling the Gut Mystery – Understanding What Impacts Your Gut and What You Can Do About It

Kay Aubrey-Chimene, RMT, CLTI, CPTI

Director & CEO –  Photonic Therapy Institute, LLC

Session Title: Empowering Your Health with Targeted Light

April Jaeger

Holistic Wellness Practitioner – Jaeger Botanicals

Session Title: Crystals that Elevate: How Do Crystals Heal?

Session Title: Ritual + Aroma: Using Healing Botanicals to Awaken the Spirit & Find Meaning in Everyday Life

Dan Curtin

Executive Vice President – Arthur Andrew Medical

Session Title: Cardiovascular Health Blood Cleansing & Systemic Enzymes

Felicia Romero

Fitness & Business Mentor

Session Title: Unlocking Your Potential: Chakra Activation for Emotional Liberation and Stepping Into Your Best Self

The Floor Session: Goddess Yoga + Activating Your Chakras @ The Floor

Jaclyn Renee

Holistic Health Coach + Gut Health Expert

The Floor Session: Release: Healing through Movement and Verbal Sound @ The Floor

Tracy Puddy

Dance Fitness Trainer / Founder of SEEDFITNESS

The Floor Session: Energized Dance Fusion – An Empowering High Energy Dance Class @ The Floor

Natelle Gentile

Strength and Boxing Fitness Trainer – BODI

The Floor Session: Shadow Boxing X HIIT Class: Elevate Your Heart Rate and Life With BODI @ The Floor

Emily Montojo

Fitness Trainer – BODI

The Floor Session: Shadow Boxing X HIIT Class: Elevate Your Heart Rate and Life With BODI @ The Floor

Jennifer Dewees

Co-founder – Elevate Events & Experiences

Session Title: Elevate Your Energy and Create a Life You Love

Session Title: Tapping Into Your Intuition

Shaina Weisinger

Co-founder – Elevate Events & Experiences

Session Title: Your Powerful, Gullible Brain: The Science-Backed Way I Tricked My Brain to Heal Over 15 Unexplained Conditions

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