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Jason Zelich

Small Business Owner – One Tribe Yoga & Wellness

Session Title: Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Breathing + Movement + Music @ The Floor

Bio: Meet Jason, a guiding light on a journey of healing and growth. His path to yoga emerged when he chose to leave behind a story of addiction, seeking a new chapter of vitality and wellness.

Passionate about fostering connection and laughter, Jason’s teaching style is a blend of heart and humor. He weaves a unique tapestry of movement and mindfulness, inviting his students to embrace both physical and emotional growth.

Beyond yoga, Jason is a licensed massage therapist, delving into the realm of healing touch to complement his yoga practice. Together with his wife, he co-owns One Tribe Yoga & Wellness, a thriving studio that offers yoga and massage, becoming a haven of well-being for their community for over five years in south Tempe.

Jason’s classes are a symphony of beats that set bodies in motion. His music doesn’t just make your head nod; it sparks a dance that resonates throughout your entire being. Jason’s energy is infectious, infusing every class with vitality and joy.

Step onto the mat with Jason and embark on a journey, an invitation to shed the old, to embrace transformation, and to let your energy flow freely. Through movement, music, and his vibrant spirit, he guides his students towards a path of renewed vitality and self-discovery.

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