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Jen Spencer

CEO – SmartBug Media

Session Title: Empowering Your Dreams – Embracing change and finding your true career path

Bio: Jen Spencer, CEO of SmartBug, brings more than twenty years of marketing experience through a variety of fields to assist B2B organizations and B2C e-commerce businesses in growing leads, generating revenue, and building market awareness through a full suite of digital content, design, and web development. In her first year as VP of Sales, Jen implemented a sales and marketing program that resulted in 70% year-over-year revenue growth to bring SmartBug to HubSpot’s Global Partner of the Year. From there, she served as the CRO and brought sales, marketing, and client services teams together to develop high-growth solutions for SmartBug’s clients.

Her passion for her work – and in her personal life – lies in a deep sense of empathy. To understand the needs of both business and individuals she interacts with, she looks for the “aha” moment to share successful strategies and experiences to drive both personal and professional growth.

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