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Kelli Lane Redfield

Program Director – Windsong Foundation, MA Clinical Psychology

Session Title:The Power of Story – Creating the Life Story You Have Always Wanted

Bio: Kelli Lane Redfield, a skilled storyteller and a compassionate guide, illuminates the paths of dreamers. She’s a Associate Narrative Therapist (AMFT) in California, specializing in helping creatives navigate the noise of our information-rich world. She is a highly sensitive person (HSP) and a spacious person, able to hold many possible stories at once.

Kelli, along with her drummer husband, founded the Windsong Foundation, a non-profit organization driven by the rhythm of benevolence. As a coach, she excels in values and storytelling services, offering individuals and groups the tools to sculpt their unique journeys.

With a versatile background spanning Creative Direction, Copywriting, Songwriting, Entrepreneurship, Publishing, Mental Healthcare, Spiritual Group Work, and Group Training and Facilitation, Kelli believes in unlocking the wisdom that resides within every individual. Her mission is to help people craft lives that resonate with their true selves and actualize their boundless potential. Join Kelli for an epic journey of self-discovery and realization.

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