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Natelle Gentile

Strength and Boxing Fitness Trainer – BODI

The Floor Session: Shadow Boxing X HIIT Class: Elevate Your Heart Rate and Life With BODI @ The Floor

Bio: Natelle is from Orange County, CA. Bringing beach vibes to the desert. She grew up competing gymnastics and her life was engulfed in athletics since the age of 2. She was a gymnast for 20 years where she learned grit, determination and resilience as she achieved 2nd in the nation at just 12 years old. She attended Arizona State University and competed for the D1 gymnastics team. She found her love for fitness after her career was cut short from an injury. Gymnastics brought Natelle many lights, but also some darker effects. She was left with a negative relationship with her body and self. She found strength, not just physically, but mentally. She fell in love with lifting weights and feeling strong. She learned how choosing fitness for yourself can heal your mind, body and soul. And how fueling your body properly, without restriction, can help you feel strong and fulfilled. She found a passion for fitness, people and for self love. Her mission is to help others find strength and love for themselves (and their bodies) through fitness. Natelle loves lifting heavy weights, boxing, butterflies and dancing through it all!

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