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Tina Escoto

Psychic Medium Trance Healer – Tina Escoto Mystic Horse Journeys

Session Title: Coming Out of The Spiritual Closet – From corporate to the Spirit World

Bio: While growing up in rural Indiana, I experienced the ability to read and feel people, but like many who have psychic abilities, I was unaware of what this was or how to use it. In my early adult years, I tragically lost a large portion of my immediate family in a very short period of time and this really caused a shift in my perspective related to death and ultimately was a catalyst for the beginning of an epic spiritual journey with God.

Although I had planned to pursue spiritual work after retiring from the corporate world, the universe had other plans. After 33 years in the car industry, my career abruptly came to an end and I decided it was time to pursue my calling and do what feeds my soul. At the outset I aimed to give it two years and if I did not see improvement then I would look for something else to do. However, I have seen nothing but steady growth and momentum since completely embracing this spiritual path as my personal calling and life’s work.

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